I am a freelance Art Director and Graphic Designer working in the film and television industry.


I have worked in the art department on a mix of film and TV productions; from documentaries, comedies to period and modern dramas.


My career started with my love of visual storytelling in art, theatre, film and television, making me choose to study set design at Wimbledon College of Art.

To then further develop my skills at The National Film and Television School in Production Design.


I feel I have learned to become a good all rounder for any art department. The ability to be part of the team, assisting with prop-makes, graphics, buying and sourcing props. To leading and overseeing construction from drawings to working on location or in a studio. 


I get pleasure in every project that I have worked on, and the challenges that each one brings; the problem solving, research and development from drawing board to screen. 


I am a passionate, calm and creative individual, who is keen to meet new people in the industry and eager to continue a fun and full career in film and television. 



The Mercy (2017) A United Kingdom (2016) Containment (2015) Paddington (2014)

The Imitation Game (2014)


Deceit (2021) The Pursuit of Love (2021) Save Me Too (2020) Call The Midwife (2020) Gold Digger (2019) Dead Pixels (2019) Death in Paradise (2019) Patrick Melrose (2018) Thanks for the Memories (2018) Quacks (2017) Endeavour (2017) The Halcyon (2017) Catastrophe (2016) Chewing Gum (2016) The Royals (2015) Raiders of the Lost Art (2014) Downton Abbey (2012)



Secret Cinema: Star Wars (2015)


Hand-Draughting | Graphic design & IIIustration | Location surveys | Prop & model-making | Script breakdowns | Props | Prop sourcing & buying | Set Construction | Adobe photoshop & Illustrator | Research | SketchUp & Layout 


London based - but willing to travel - with previous work in Birmingham, Bath  and Oxford, and with working abroad in Guadeloupe, Caribbean. 

Full Portfolio & CV available on request.